About ASEM

Advent Sport Entertainment and Media (ASEM) unlocks value for our partners with passion, precision and performance to create unforgettable experiences with innovation and attitude. We are all about delivering the ultimate in Sportainment.

Since ASEM’s inception in 2009, it continues to focus on youth sport and entertainment as a key strategic driver, extending its value chain to incorporate a number of different businesses and services that are linked with an interdependence and vision to build a robust and dynamic group of companies. While each company has a different objective and discipline, we are all linked by a common vision and mission:

Vision – To be the leading multimedia rights organisation in youth sport and entertainment.

Mission – Through an innovative approach, ASEM develops, owns and manages multimedia rights, predominantly in the youth market.


ASEM specialises in creating experiences that achieve brand objectives by aligning with sponsors to offer the best access to sport and entertainment in South Africa.

Our services include sponsorship selection and negotiation, media rights management, sponsorship management, portfolio audits, strategic planning and return on investment measurement.

We create sustainable and innovative strategies to build associations between sports brands and sponsors.


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The ASEM group hosts over 1500 events each year, including sports tournaments, launches and promotions across South Africa and Namibia. We are specialists in developing performance-driven sports and cultural events, executed with passion and precision. We engage audiences on an emotional level by creating sensory experiences.

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Tel: 021 418 7646

Email: gina@asem.tv

Branding Activations and Campaigns

ASEM provides full-service sponsorship and events solutions that add sustainable value to brands. We understand how to connect with the audience in order to create the most effective relationship between brands and consumers.

We strategically implement passion, precision, and performance into brand campaigns to connect with the target audience in the most receptive way.



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Tel: +27 21 418 7646

Email: jacolouis@asem.tv